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Upholstery Webbing Repair Kit 12 Metres 40 Clips

Upholstery Webbing Repair Kit 12 Metres 40 Clips

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Upholstery Webbing Repair Kit with V Clips

This kit includes: 12 Metres of Webbing and 40 webbing Clips

Upholstery Webbing Clips and Elasticated Upholstery Webbing, perfected for traditional webbing and repair of lounges, dining chairs, back rests and more. The clips can be applied using a hammer, vice or pliers to clamp onto the webbing. Firmness can be adjusted by tension, for extra firmness pull the webbing tightly upon installation. 

  • 50mm width
  • 5 Spikes per clip
  • Elasticated webbing 
  • Durably elastic
  • Galvanised steel 
  • High strength
  • Multiple lengths available
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