How to replace webbing on Mid Century chairs

How to replace webbing on Mid Century chairs


After many years of use, its common for mid century webbed chairs to sag, making them sit too low and hard to climb out of. Luckily we have just the solution:

Our Exclusive Webbing Kits with 12 metres of webbing and 24 clips

Remove old webbing - 

Firsts things first, make room for the new webbing by getting rid of the old. Youll often find that someone has added a few extra webs aiming for a quick fix

Cut to size -

Measure the length from groove to grove and cut the webbing 20% shorter than that length. For example: if its 100cm wide, cut each length of webbing at 80cm. The ideal length will take quite a lot of strength to stretch, you don't wont them loose so try and make the webbing as tight as possible 

Attached the clips -

Clamp or hammer the V Shaped Clip onto each end of the webbing, make sure they are the same way around.

Installation - 

insert the webbing and clip into the groove with the lip facing to take the pressure of the stretched webbing. Its easier if you have a second person holding the chair but you can also hold it firmly your self. Pull as hard as you can and insert the clip into the other end, all done!

With just a single kit, you can re-web a pair of mid century chairs with ease! Nothing else required,

View our webbing kit by clicking the picture below:


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