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Restorers Choice

Restorers Choice Steel Wool Roll Grade 2 Medium/Coarse 500g

Restorers Choice Steel Wool Roll Grade 2 Medium/Coarse 500g

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Restorers Choice – Steel Wool Roll Grade Medium/Coarse 500g

  • Used extensively for french polishing and antique restoration.
  • Removes wax build up from wooden surfaces
  • Removes paint from awkward corners
  • Strips lacquer, paint and varnish from wood work
  • Cleans barbecue grills


Packed neatly on a easy to handle roll, our steel wool is used by restorers, window tinters and cleaners all over Australia, also available in 1kg Buckets (2 rolls) that will ensure a longer shelf life in the workshop. Available in 3 grades, browse below:

Fine Grade 0 – 500g

Medium Grade 1 – 500g

Medium/Coarse Grade 2 500g

Bulk long life buckets 1kg – 3 Grades Available

Bulk 2kg hanks – 7 Grades Available


Looking for an alternative grade? We stock all 7 grades of ABC steel wool in 500g hanks. Browse our range by clicking on the links below:

ABC Grade 0000 Super Fine

ABC Grade 000 Extra Fine 

ABC Grade 00 Very Fine 

ABC Grade 0 Fine 

ABC Grade 1 Medium 

ABC Grade 2 Medium/Coarse

ABC GRade 3 Coarse

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