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Restorers Choice

Pumice Medium Grit Stone Powder Multi Purpose Abrasive

Pumice Medium Grit Stone Powder Multi Purpose Abrasive

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Pumice Medium Grit Stone Powder Multi Purpose Abrasive

A high quality fine grade ground pumice stone can serve several purposes. This fine powder can be used for soap making, used as an abrasive scrub or used by many cabinet makers to fill wood grain with ease. It is often mixed with water to form a thick paste and used in conjunction with a brush or buff wheel on a lathe. When used for soap making, finely ground powder is a great exfoliate that is gentle on the skin. There are many more ways to use pumice powder, feel free to use the product as you wish!

Wood Grain filler is made when pumice is mixed with boiled linseed oil, it can be applied to the timber using Hessian/Burlap/Jute, firmly rubbing in a circular motion (please note: there are many different recipes for wood grain filler, each woodworker may have a different opinion, results may vary)


  • Medium Dental Grade
  • Wood grain filler
  • Soap making exfoliate
  • Fine abrasive for polishing
  • Jewellery polish
  • + Much more…


Restorers choice’s Pumice powder is available in 3 grades: Click the links below to view the other grades

Pumice Powder: Fine Grit

Pumice Powder: Medium Grit 

Pumice Powder: Coarse Grit

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