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Callington Haven

Professional Grade Paint Stripper – Callington Haven

Professional Grade Paint Stripper – Callington Haven

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Professional Grade Paint Stripper – Callington Haven

Paint stripper is a solvent based, non-caustic, heavy bodied paint remover for stripping most types of
household, automotive, marine and industrial paints.
Paint Stripper is an activated, carefully balanced solvent formulation, containing evaporation retarders
and thickeners.



Paint Stripper can be used to remove most commonly used paints, lacquers and varnishes from
timber, metal, glass, brickwork, cement and plaster.
Its primary use is for the professional renovation of antique and old furniture pieces, doors, window
frames, architraves, skirting boards and all building joinery. Other applications include outdoor
furniture, fences, timber and aluminium boats, machinery and as an automotive paint remover for
cars and trucks.


Professional Grade Paint Stripper is not corrosive to most materials.  It may have degrading effects on rubber, perspex some plastics and composites. 


Please note: This stripper may slightly darken some species of timber, if darkening does occur, it can be reversed using Oxalic Acid. For a stripper that wont darken the timber, try our WoodStrip Paint Stripper


Does NOT contain Phenol or Hydrofluoric acid.

Appearance : Clear viscous liquid

Odour : Ammoniated

Specific Gravity : 1.2

Shelf Life : Up to 12 months

Storage : Store in a cool place and  out of direct sunlight

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