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Restorers Choice

Hard Wax Filler Sticks for Small Repairs

Hard Wax Filler Sticks for Small Repairs

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Hard Wax Filler Sticks for Small Repairs – Restorers Choice

Wax Filler Sticks are ideal for small furniture repairs. With the ability to fix nail holes, deep scratches, damage from pets, splits and more in just 1 application. See back for application details.


Application Method 

Simply Push the desired colour Wax Stick against the damage and move in a back and forth motion. With each motion the wax will be pushed deeper into the damage, for easier application, gently heat a wax stick with a flame to soften the wax. Repeat this until fully filled, remove excess wax with a dry cotton cloth. If you wish to create an alternative colour, you can melt different colours together using a double burner, wax pot or a gentle flame.

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