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Hard Shellac – Extra Tough Table Top French Polish

Hard Shellac – Extra Tough Table Top French Polish

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Hard Shellac – ideal for high use surfaces such as table tops – Shellac 1 Litre – 9 Colour Options

Traditional French Polish with a hardening additive to increase scratch, moisture and heat resistance, giving polyurethanes “extra tough’ reputation a run for its money! This product is ideal for high use surfaces such as tables, sideboards and coffee tables, but does not need to be limited to high use areas. This product can be used on any timber furniture just like regular shellac. Hard Shellac creates a superior finish to enhance the appearance of all timber species. Pre-made so no waiting is necessary, simply apply using desired method, polishing rubber, spray gun or brush. This solution can be diluted if necessary, simply add the desired amount of Denatured Absolute Alcohol (DAA)

Our Bottled Shellac will create a Superior clear finish to enhance the appearance and protection of all timber species with a gentle glow. The product will be shipped in heat reflecting foil greatly reducing the chance of heat or sunlight from effecting the quality of the product. Guaranteed to give a superior finish to all your projects big or small.


Why Choose Hard Shellac

Many would agree that no other method of timber protection is as desirable as traditional French Polish. Cheap modern furniture finishes sacrifice quality and durability, with restorers choice you can have both! Furniture deserves to look great and last a lifetime, our Extra Tough Table Top Polish allows for the following benefits 

  • Scratch, moisture and heat resistant finish
  • Alcohol resistant, no more white rings
  • Ready to use formula
  • Creates a beautiful deep lustre
  • Enhances natural colour and grain patterns
  • Makes for a fantastic undercoat
  • Creates a superior shine and finish



With 3 different application methods, you can do it your way! You can use a brush, polishing rubber (fad) or spray gun to apply the shellac. Each method offers unique advantages, and the best method is often debatable, we recommend a French Polishing Mop Brush for easy application.

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