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HANDOVER Kolinsky Sable Restorers Brush Extra Short Hair

HANDOVER Kolinsky Sable Restorers Brush Extra Short Hair

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This series is made from 100% the finest quality Kolinsky sable with extra short hair for use in conservation and other fields where the user needs the greatest control over their brush. 


  • 00 = 5mm hair length
  • 0 = 6mm hair length
  • 001 = 7mm hair length
  • 002 = 9mm hair length
  • 003 = 10mm hair length
  • 004 = 11mm hair length
  • 005 = 12mm hair length


A.S. HANDOVER offers unmatched quality, each brush is hand made in London and quality assured. The wide range of products is used by the country’s finest craftsmen in museums, film studios, stately homes and the Houses of Parliament. Handover has been manufacturing brushes since 1949, safe to say they are the experts in the field. 

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