Restorers Choice French Polishing kits: Start French Polishing today with a French Polish Supply Kit

Restorers Choice French Polishing kits: Start French Polishing today with a French Polish Supply Kit

At Restorers Choice, we understand that starting a new hobby can be complicated, we aim to eliminate the complication when it comes to French polishing, that’s why we offer our ready to use “French Polishing Kits” that include everything you need to start polishing.

The art of French Polishing is a dying form, less and less craftsmen can perfect the beautiful timber finishing process, if done correctly the results are unmatched! We aim to keep French Polishing alive by supporting the restorers, cabinet makers and hobbyists in any way we can, we believe the art of Traditional French Polishing must be passed through the generations and not just forgotten like many other tradition woodworking techniques. Whether you’re an experienced pro, or just a beginner looking for supplies to start their first job, give one of our kits a go!


What’s in the box?

We have a few options depending on your needs, from a small 250g basic starters kit, to bulk 3kg shellac bundles, have a browse through the options below and find what you are looking for. All shellac purchases over 100g will include FREE filter cones to rid the product of any impurities, ALL shellac contains impurities as it is a natural product. We ship our French Polishing supplies Australia wide!


Why choose Restorers Choice Shellac?

Shellac is an organic material and must be stored below 14 degrees to ensure the product stays fresh and usable. Shellac purchased from hardware stores often sits on shelves for months, facing harsh summer temperatures, decreasing shelf life, and causing issues when dissolving and drying.

All Restores Choice shellac is stored in temperature-controlled containers when shipped from India, kept at 8 degrees or below in our storage facility, and shipped in heat protective foil all the way to your door. The extra length we go sets us apart from your average hardware store, guaranteeing a quality product.

As always, if you have any questions, we are always happy to help! Send us an email or message us on Instagram, you can even give us a call and talk to an expert, we have over 50 years’ experience so we can point you in the right direction.



With 3 different application methods, you can do it your way! You can use a brush, polishing rubber (fad) or spray gun to apply the shellac. Each method offers unique advantages, and the best method is often debatable, we recommend a French Polishing Mop Brush for easy application.

Dissolve the flakes in Denatured Absolute Alcohol with a ratio of 1:4 (250 grams of flakes to 1 litre of DAA – 1kg of flakes to 4 litres of DAA etc.) Once the flakes have dissolved you will have a basic Shellac solution. Dilute this solution with more Denatured Alcohol for spraying and keep in mind, there is no perfect ratio, just whatever you are comfortable using!

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